Soma Education


“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
– Aristote

Paul Sherman BSc DOMP


Soma Education was founded by Paul Sherman BSc DOMP, a renowned Manual Osteopath and Physiotherapist and the driving force behind Rehab Room, a leading sports performance, training and osteopathy facility based in Squamish and through out the Sea to Sky area of British Columbia.

A committed and lifelong student of all things related to exercise and therapy, Paul works with athletes of all levels – from Olympic to grass-roots – and is an expert in sports injuries, surgical rehabilitation, postural issues and scoliosis and many other structural issues. Many athletes seek out Paul after undergoing surgery as he is highly skilled at helping them get back in shape, and return to high level sport in the quickest time frame possible, he is also an in-demand trainer for many sportsmen/women who want to perform at their personal best and gain that competitive edge.

Paul has coached elite athletes in such diverse fields as skiing, mountain-biking kayaking, track and field and for many years in the run up to this he was a competitive sportsman himself.

All of this knowledge translates today to a rare ability to explain complex subjects in an accessible manner. Paul believes that no one who is passionate about self-development in sports therapy education should feel left out.

Soma Education sees Paul partner up with Guy Voyer D.O., the greatly respected European Osteopath who created the ELDOA™ method and both Soma Therapy and Training programs and with whom Paul has been studying for more than 12 years.

Guy conducts the theory aspect online of all Soma Education courses, this portion is run directly through his company and is a separate entity from Soma Education and should be booked directly with Soma Voyer. This online portion provides theory ONLY with no exercises or techniques being taught. The practical portion of the lessons are conducted in–person across British Columbia and Canada by Paul Sherman BSc DOMP.

From time to time Soma Education will bring in other expert teachers to further your educational experience.



Our goal is to make the complex and fascinating worlds of biomechanics, physiology, fascia and the innermost workings of the human body as accessible as possible. For this reason, we created educational programs that are both extremely thorough and also enjoyable to take part in.

Our approach to education is to ‘learn by doing’ – all of our courses are hands-on and designed to push participants and make them think. We have found this to be by far the most effective way of learning new skills.

By repeatedly applying and practicing techniques in a real-life setting, manual therapists and exercise professionals can quickly acquire the skills they need to be able to apply them.

Education and continual improvement are a key part of career progression, and it is our belief that this journey should be as rewarding and engaging as possible.

Guy Voyer D.O.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"

Albert Einstein