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Guy Voyer Virtual Lecture Schedule

All virtual lecture courses are organized and taught by Guy VOYER DO.

You must contact Lydie VOYER directly at for any questions or registration

virtual lectures

All virtual lectures are based on theory only, no exercises are taught online. Online and in-person courses do not need to be taken in order, the online lectures are repeated on a regular basis, if the date does not suit, you can still attend the practical portion and complete the online session at a later date. Please note that the online portion needs to be booked directly through Soma Voyer.  Soma Education is a separate company providing the in-person practical component and has no control over the online schedule and pricing.


A certificate of completion will be presented after each of the online and in person session both are required to become a Soma Therapist or Trainer.

Guy Voyer In Person

In-person courses taught by Guy VOYER DO are hosted at the University of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (Unrversidad UFHEC). Please visit: for latest scheduale.

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Schedule changes/errors may occur.

SOma training

virtual lecture schedule


Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscule and the Thoracic Diaphragm

AUG 20,2022

Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Lower Limbs

AUG 27,2022

Analytical and Segmental Muscular Strengthening of the Upper Limbs

SEP 3, 2022

The Squat and Posturology

OCT 1, 2022

Circulatory & Respiratory Techniques

OCT 22, 2022


General ELDOA

OCT 29, 2022

Myofascial Stretching

NOV 12, 2022


NOV 19, 2022

Specific ELDOA

DEC 17, 2023

Cinesiology and Periodization 2 days online.

MARCH 3-5, 2023


Global Postural Stretching

JAN 14, 2022

Physical Conditioning & Sauna

MAY 21, 2022

FEB 4, 2023

Strapping Orthopedic and Sports Trauma

MAY 28, 2022

JUN 7, 2023

TVA-Biomechanics and Techno. Methodology of the Transverse Abdomen, Review, Final Examination and GRADUTION, In person taugth exclusivly by Guy Voyer in Santa Domingo, DR.

JUNE 30 – JULY 3, 2022

JUN 3 – 6, 2023

Soma Therapy

virtual lecture schedule


Osteo Articular Pumping
P1 – Lower Limb
AUG 21, 2022
P2 – Lower Limb

AUG 27, 2022

P3 – Trunk & Pelvis

SEP 4th, 2022


Fascial Normalization

F1 – Lower Limb

Oct 2, 2022

F1 – Upper Limb

Oct 23, 2022

F3 – Trunk & Pelvis

OCT 30, 2022


Transverse Tendinous Ligamentus Stretching
TTLS 1 – Lower Limb

NOV 13th, 2022

TTLS 2 – Upper Limb

NOV 20th, 2022

TTLS 3 – Trunk & Pelvis

JAN 9th, 2022

DEC 18th, 2022


D1 – Thoracic Diaphragm

FEB 20th, 2022

JAN 8th, 2022

D2 – Cervico Thoracic Diaphragm

MAY 22th, 2022

JAN 15th, 2022

D3 – Pelvic Diaphragm

MAY 29th, 2022

FEB 5th, 2023

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